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Oceano Mare Group is the leading Italian company in the delivery of supplies on board of yachts and superyachts. Based in Naples, the company supplies provisions for luxury boats to Capri, Ischia, Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Stabia, Naples, and it offers yacht supplies throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Deliveries take place 7 days a week and our team is ready to meet you at every port or even at anchor.

Gourmet products

Oceano Mare group delivers fresh products on board such as fish, meat, local and international cheeses, vegetables and fruits, bread, focaccia and artisan pastas, caviar and foie gras, local and international gastronomic specialties such as oriental products, Kosher products and Halal meat. 

The company service also includes vacuum packaging of fresh food to maintain the high quality of the product.

Wines & Cigars

The selection of Oceano Mare wines is based on our extensive knowledge of both Italian and international fine wines.

Our expert sommelier has selected more than 350 wines of different vintages like the Cru of Bordeaux or Bourgogne and, of course, the best quality of Champagne.

We also have a wide range of liqueurs and spirits and a varied selection of foreign cigars.

Floral compositions

Oceano Mare Group provides floral arrangements of all kinds, such as tropical plants, fresh carvings, plants and bunches of leaves and assorted plants. 

Our florists are experts in floral arrangements; they are skilled at creating any kind of arrangement based on the style of the boat and the wishes of the Guests.

The floral decoration has become one of our specialties.